Monday, March 7, 2011

Working While In College

Are you currently working while taking classes, are you interested in working while taking classes? Have you ever wondered how yours habits differ if you work and what affects they may have on your academic school performance. A recent study found that 62.% of Kalamazoo College student are currently employed while in school. Even more telling is that 73% of these students work on Kalamazoo Colleges Campus.

Our study found that students who work, and those that do not work, actually have a equal GPA. Meaning that, based on our studies, working has no negative impact on students GPA. But according to previous studies we found that the average college student works 23 hours, when we found the average for Kalamazoo College student only worked 10 hours. Interestingly this same study found that students who worked about 10 hours per week had higher GPA's then their counterparts; both student working more than 10 hours per week and students who do not work. It seems that K College students have found the maximum amount of time to work while enhancing academics, what smart Kalamazoo College Students.

Also we found that students who work and don't work actually spend the same amount of time per week studying. Clearly working while in college forces students to set priorities and work hard in order to achieve good academic results. Students ranked leisure and food as their two main sources of expenditure relative to their income, being 3.54 and 3.51 respectively on a scale from 1-5, 5 being high. Ultimately our study showed many relationships between working and different aspects of a students life, most importantly it seems thats working has no negative effect on student performance.

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  1. I believe working while studying in college would still depend on the student. Some make it. Some don't due to personal reasons. It's all up to you to keep the faith. The student has to be really determined, willing, and persevering. He/she has to bring the unseen to the scene to prosper in his/her future career. :)

    Carmella Bezio