Thursday, March 31, 2011

phone security

Blog assignment #1

1 & 2 YouGov does the survey on behalf of SecurEnvoy.

3 The survey shows that only a third of mobile phone owners would realize they had lost their phone within 15 minutes. The sponsors of this study have an interest in this result, as SecurEnvoy makes products of protecting data on smartphones. With this survey, probably more people will consider that it is necessary to buy “some form of data encryption and secure authentication for their phone”. Besides, it will let more people know about SecurEnvoy, which is a special way of advertisement. Before reading this article, I have no idea about the company. Besides, it shows to the reader how much the product can do for the customers and the dangerous without having this product.

4 The sample is made by 2,000 mobile phone owners (men, women, young and old). But it didn’t mention how they choose these participants. And it doesn’t mention how many men, women, young or old are in this survey. In the middle of the article, it shows that the reaction between men and women and the reaction between young and old will act differently in the survey. So if more than half of the participants here are women, the result has been exaggerated. If not, the situation is much worse than what is shown in this research. The research has the same problem with young and old. If the survey could use the same amount of each group, the result will have more persuasion.

5 & 6 No graphs are used in this article. However, this article uses clearly data to show the result. Such as “Men are more likely to notice their mobile phone missing in less than 15 minutes than women--40 percent of men compared to 29 percent of women.” Furthermore, they make the reasonable hypothesis to explain the collected data. The survey does the same analysis with young and old. As the article mentions about the percentage during the comparison, I suppose the pie chart will give an intuitive impression in this situation.


Auther: Tony Bradley

Article title: “Would You Realize If You Lost Your Smartphone?”

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Publish date: March 30, 2011 11:29pm

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