Sunday, March 6, 2011

Is Sodexo Dining Services good?

This research aims to find the factors affecting students’ satisfaction towards Sodexo Dining Services and its performance at Kalamazoo College. The result shows us that students’ satisfaction is affected by, in the order of importance, menu variety, food quality and price. Cleanliness of the cafeteria has little to do with students’ satisfaction towards the cafeteria.

This research surveyed 58 Kalamazoo College students, in which 40 of them are female and 8 of them are male. Only 28% of the respondents have to pay for the meal plan at the cafeteria. The mean number of meals students eat at the cafeteria per week is found to be 11.82 meals. The following chart shows the eating habit of female and male respondents, the numbers inside the brackets are the standard deviations of the means shown.

There is statistical evidence shows that the number of meals female respondents cooked by themselves is significantly higher than that of male respondents on average.

The following graph shows us the performance of Sodexo Dining Services in the surveyed criteria and students satisfaction towards it on a scale of 7. Sodexo Dining Services performs the best in its cleanliness, followed by food quality, then by menu variety and price.

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