Sunday, March 6, 2011

To Buy to Rent that is the Question

A recent survey conducted by a group in a Business Statistic class discovered some shocking statistics. Of the 52 students from Kalamazoo College survey no one only rented their books, in fact most students bought all their books from the K college bookstore, about 52%. Also, another surprising statistics discovered is that 65% of the students received financial help from their parents with the cost of textbooks. On average students will spend between $184.60 and $234.70 on their textbooks for a quarter. That’s $553.80 to $704.10 a year. Students on average are assigned between 5.56 and 7.08 books a quarter for their 3 classes. Students who do rent their textbooks could save anywhere from $122.92 to $174.13. It is shocking that more students do take advantage of renting their for the year.

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