Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Americans Stress out About Work

1. This survey was conducted by Harris Interactive using the Harris Poll National Quorum from February 9th to February 20th, 2011.

2. This survey was conducted by Harris Interactive on behalf of Everest College.

3. The objective of this study was to find out what stressed out Americans in the work place. The results were that most Americans are stressed out about something at work (77%). Harris Interactive got numerous responses as to why Americans are stressed out. The findings were: 14% of Adults said low pay was the cause of stress, 11% said commuting was the problem, 9% said the workload was too much and unreasonable and fear of being fired, 8% said it was because of annoying coworkers, 5% also said it was because of their annoying bosses and poor work-life balance, and the last 4% said their was a lack of advancement and opportunity.

4. The methodology used in this survey was that they randomly telephoned 953 working adults ages 18 and older.

5. Yes, the results are communicated in a clear informative manner. It has information about the survey under the article.

6. There were not any graphs used in this survey.

Article Reference: PRNewswire published the article. Title is: Survey Reveals 77% of Americans Stressed About Something at Work. Published on March 30th, 2011. Wendy Cullen (Vice President employer at Everest College) and Davis K. Brimberg (psychologist at Everest) can answer any questions about the survey.

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