Monday, March 7, 2011

Market Research on Angell Fields

While it is hard to make policy decisions based solely on the results of my survey on the Angell Fields development projects, several things are apparent. Firstly, the student body as a whole is fairly ambivalent towards the projects. This is in stark contrast to student athletes, who showed a high level of enthusiasm towards the proposed developments. However, high enthusiasm for the developments was not universal among student athletes. After running several regressions, it is apparent that there is a statistically significant negative correlation between GPA and enthusiasm for the proposed Angell Field developments. However, there is no statistically significant correlation between GPA and athletic team membership. This correlation (and lack of correlation) perhaps suggests that students who come to Kalamazoo College specifically to play sports (since they expect state of the art facilities) care significantly less about their school work than those who play school sports as a supplement to their education (and thusly care less about the proposed developments). While this is highly speculative, it could be said then that the new recruits gained (the main argument for new facilities) from having additional locker room space will be more focused on sports than on classwork.

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