Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Obama and the Jews

1. Who did the study, survey, or experiment?
Charles Blow

2. Who sponsored the research?
The Pew Research Center

3. Could the sponsor of this study have an interest in finding a particular result?
They do research for these types of things, so it is probably just another statistic for them.

4. Is information on methodology included? (methodology would include: sample size, random sample, control group)
It was a control group in that he only looked at those who voted 75% or higher for Obama in 2008, but within that it was a random sample of certain types of people: blacks (not college educated and not wealthy), white democrats, Hispanics age 18-29, religiously unaffiliated, democrats, liberals, all adults.

5. Are the results communicated in a clear informative manner?
Yes. The article opens with a large and easy to read table conveying results.

6. Are graphs used in a clear informative manner?
No graphs are included

Obama and the Jews, Part 2
By: Charles M. Blow

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