Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Message to Future Business Statisticians!

The most important advice I can give to one entering this project would be, organize your time well! Statistical research is slow and incremental as far as findings go. It is essential for the sake of time, that you budget a portion of time aside for assignments each week. This is K College, lest we forget. One will get assignments each week, and they will pile up if put off, very quickly. However it is not in the least to say that this project is overwhelming. It simply requires a habitual, steady amount of time each week be donated to its cause.
This approach yields the least stressful experience from this project of Business Statistics. When assignments don’t pile up, one has ample time for each section to ensure its applied accuracy. If a question about formatting, structure, etc comes up (which it will, for many newer Excel® users), with more time, one can also allow for time to be afforded to learn the mechanics of this new program.
Time management is essential to facilitate the success of this project. With this knowledge in hand, one should have minimal set-backs in the experience of statistical research. One gets the most out of time, and in doing so, the most out of this course. 

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