Thursday, March 31, 2011

Facebook Takes Over the World

1. The statistics shown on a blog by Ken Burbary, were given by and The blog is called Web Business, and Burbary wrote a blog about the same time a year ago about the uses and amount of usage of Facebook, and in this blog he updated his statistics and gave new ones to provide people with a better understanding of what is going on.

2. All of the research and statistics are provided by Facebook, however Burbary analyzes the data.

3. The sponsor, facebook, could have interest partly because so many people worldwide use facebook as a primary means of communication. Their interest would be to appeal to businesses looking for ad space as a large amount of people would be able to see the adds on facebooks site.

4. Because this was a study and not a survey, a random sample was not used however some of the statistics reveal the sample size, in this case the amount of facebook users.

5 & 6. Yes the results are presented in a manner that would entail people to look at. Graphs and data are the main source of results for this study and are used throughout the blog. As Burbary reveals some of the results, he clearly analyses the data in a user friendly form for people following his blog.

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