Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Advice for future students

What I liked about the research project is that it allowed us to put theory into practice. Any statistics class can teach us about how to conduct a properly designed survey, but this project allowed us to go through the actual process of doing so. I learned that the process of statistical research is very meticulous, and small changes in the design of a survey can make a huge difference in the end. I also learned that it is much more time consuming than I had expected, therefore in the future I would start early and plan to use up more time than I think I’ll need. The biggest change I would make if going through this process again would be to make sure I start gathering surveys well before the results are due because it is much more time consuming than one would expect.

My advice to students in the future is to really think about how challenging their project might be so they can set realistic goals and standards for themselves. Then, write a schedule, and follow it. Start early rather than late, and get plenty of quantitative data.

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