Thursday, March 31, 2011

Is College Overrated?

1. The study from the article was conducted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.
2. The US government sponsored the study.
3. It is possible that the US government might have an interest in findings relating to the increase in education levels and more high school students moving on to college degrees, despite this study seeming to depict the opposite.
4. There is no clear evidence of the methodology that was used for the study.
5. The results are communicated clearly, however there isn't much detail given into the study itself, rather the study is used simply as supporting evidence.
6. There are no graphs or visuals used to present the results of the study.

Article References
Author - David Leonhardt, Article Title - "Is College Overrated? (Cont.)", Publication Title - The New York Times, Date - May 18, 2010, Link -

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