Thursday, March 31, 2011

Misfits in American Mobile Etiquette

1&2. The study is done and sponsored by Ipsos on behalf of Intel, a leading cooperation in computing innovation.

3. Intel was interested in this finding since the cooperation does not only focus on the advancement of technological devices but also on education and community. The result, though not favorable to Intel as it shows that mobile etiquette is getting worse, demonstrates the cooperation's commitment and responsibility for social development. Furthermore, consumers would have a higher regard for organizations that develop technology responsibly rather than frantically.

4. Methodology: an online survey of mobile etiquette was conducted among a sample of 2,000 US adults from 18 years old and older.
Survey time: Dec 10, 2010 to Jan 5, 2011

5&6. The finding was presented clearly in percentage (with margin error of +/- 2.2%) for various groups of items like mobile misfits in public and public displays of technology. For example: 65% reported talking on a device loudly in public places; 1 in 5 adults admits that they have poor mobile etiquette but keep doing so since everyone is behaving the same way.
There are no charts or graphs used in the report.

The full fact sheet report can be found at (click on Fact sheet: 2011 state of mobile etiquette)
The related article can be found at
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