Thursday, March 31, 2011

Just Look at This Place. What’s Not to Love?

The survey was carried out by the U. S Census Bureau which was sponsored by the U.S government.
New York is the "the city of the Yankees and Broadway, of Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty, of sky-high buildings and never-ending parks." There are more than enough attractions to draw people towards the city. As a result, the Census Bureau was expecting a significant population increase in such a city after a decade since the last population census.
Almost all New york inhabitants were issued census surveys even though 63% returned the survey to the Bureau. The information is clearly communicated with previous census and predicted values provided to enhance the conclusion drawn in the census.
A line graph was used to represent the estimated and actual population values of New York since 2000. The graph depict that the gap between the estimated and actual values has been widening since 2000 with estimates being higher than the actual values. The graph clearly informs the reader on the population census of New York.

Article Title: New York City's Slow Growth Undercuts Its Image
Publication Title: Just Look at This Place. What's Not to Love?
Hernandez, Javier C. New York Times - New York City's Slow Growth Undercuts Its Image. 30 3 2011. 31 3 2011

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