Sunday, March 6, 2011

Weekly/Monthly Expenses of a Kalamazoo College Student

No matter if a student attends a college in Michigan or Texas; the expenses of the student are always going to be many. After surveying 100 students at Kalamazoo College, we found out the many categories that students at K spend on. As we placed all of our data together, the graph showed that am average Kalamazoo College student spends 36% of their income in either food (carry-out/restaurants) and groceries. To the school community, this result can lead into many conclusions which can be address for a better college experience while on campus.
(Appendix 1)
From the graph, we also drew several other conclusions but overall exterior factors had an important influence on the results. Factors such as income during the summer/during school, a job or no job plus hours worked, monthly allowances from family or friends and times eating in the cafeteria. All these factors has an impact on the results: of the 100 students survey, the average monthly allowance provided was $87.7, the average cost of attending K was $11,207, the average income while in school was $122.67 and the average income during the summer being $646.65; several inferences can be drawn to this. The first inference that can be made is that on average a K student earns his/her spending money during the summer so that they are able to get by during school. Secondly, according to our data, most of the students’ income goes directly into food/groceries like explained before.
(Appendix 2)
From other graphs, we were also able to conclude that 30% upper class males have a job while 62% of first year males have a job that can provide income for their monthly expenses. In the other hand, 44% upper class females have a work-study job while 28% of first year females have a work study job. These numbers can be helpful when further analyzing detail expenses of those upper female/males vs. first year females/males. By doing a further study, we can then analyze the reason for the percentage of upper class males is lower than the upper class females, which then their daily expenses can be analyze to see where they have the most spending on.

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