Friday, March 11, 2011

FInal blog assignment

Part 2
Some advice that I would give future students who plan to do this project is to not procrastinate it, get a good partner you can work well if you decide to have one and get your surveys out to student quickly. If you procrastinate this project you will be very stress out the night before its due when you’re trying to collect everything and put it together. You should give yourself at least 5 days prior to when the project is due to start your paper. Work each day on certain pieces of data, this will make your work load seem less than having to perform it all in one sitting. Working with a partner can benefit you in finding mistakes on your project and minimizing your individual workload. If you plan to work with a partner I recommend you work with someone that you know you can get along with. Your partner should be as motivated as you are or more to do well on the project. Working with someone who is not motivate and puts everything on you will make your research experience terrible. Getting your survey out to Kalamazoo College students early will benefit your research data in the long run. If you have a student conduct your survey as a first will usually cause the student to take your survey more responsibly and realistic. Students who have already conduct numerous business stat surveys during the week will tend to be sick and tired of them the time you get to them if you get your surveys out late. The earlier you get you’re surveys out the better.

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