Monday, March 7, 2011

College bookstore soon to be forgotten

In a recent study it was found that 47.2% of students at Kalamazoo College are purchasing their textbooks. However, only a small portion of the population are only using the bookstore located on campus to purchase these books. The trend of students is now leaning towards the new age of using online sources to get their hands on their books. With the ease of sites such as and its easy to see why. Also it is now required for colleges to make textbook information available about classes online where the students can see which books are required for that specific course. The graph below shows that 39% of students are using both the bookstore and an online source, and another 39% are just using an online source.

Students are also now learning that they can rent their textbooks instead of purchasing them every quarter. As this becomes apparent the trend of purchasing textbooks is now switching over to renting. At this point in time it is about 50-50. Of the students surveyed 47.2 % are only purchasing their textbooks. However, 36.1% are renting and purchasing and 16.7% are only renting. As time moves forward and the easy, accessibility, and savings of online renting becomes more apparent, the on campus bookstore may be no more.

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