Thursday, March 31, 2011

Ultimate is the Fastest Growing Team Sport- Ian Powell

1. 1. The Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association (SGMA) reported recently that Ultimate is the fastest growing team sport in America in their Sports and Fitness Participation Report.

2. 2. It is undisclosed who sponsored the research, but it was reported in Ultimate: Official Magazine of USA Ultimate. It costs forty dollars to read the report online which could lock poor students out of reporting accurate statistic information.

3. 3.The sponsor of this information could easily be advertisers like Nike or Adidas, who would be looking to find the next big boom in the sporting world. By learning what is becoming popular, companies can tailor their product lines to growing sports

4. 4..There is no mention of the methodology used to determine what makes Ultimate the fastest growing sport. Instead, it is used as a rallying cry to continue the growth of the sport.

5. 5. The results are communicated in a clear manner, but the methodology as mentioned before was not.

6. 6.There are no graphs.

ThThis was reported in Ultimate: Official Magazine of USA Ultimate, by, published Winter 2010. No Author mentioned.

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