Thursday, March 31, 2011

Assignment #1 Alex Arnold

1. State of California held the study.
2. Sponsored by the state of California.
3. The sponsor of the study would hope for results that were the opposite of what they found, or at least far from the results they found.
4. The sample size was the entire state of California who attended high school between 2006 and 2010. Each student was originally assigned a tracking number by the state when they began high school.
5. The results were very clear. They stated clearly the percentage of students who dropped out in the entire state, as well as solely Los Angeles. It also stated the percentage of students who graduated as well as the percentage of students who were neither graduates or drop outs.
6. The results were not presented in graphical form, but only numerically.

Mitchell Landsberg
"1 in 4 quit high school in California"
Times Staff Writers
July 17, 2008

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