Sunday, March 6, 2011

Summary for a general audience

Students Know How To Save Money But Choose Not To

One hundred percent of Kalamazoo College students who participated in a random survey rated the Kalamazoo College Bookstore as being a more expensive place to purchase textbooks in comparison to Students at Kalamazoo College seem to know that when it comes to purchasing textbooks they can save money if they buy from, but the real questions are how much money will students actually save? and if they know that is less expensive, why do some still choose to shop at the on campus store? Through statistical research both of these questions have been answered.

On average Kalamazoo College students rated the on campus bookstore as being approximately 38.75% more expensive than These estimations appear to be correct because the number 38.75% falls within the average range of 7.5% to 44.5%, which is the given range for the average amount of money that students save when purchasing textbooks from Good work Kalamazoo College Students, you have proven that you know how to save money.

When students were asked why they shop at the Kalamazoo College bookstore they most frequently responded with "convenience". Based on statistical research this so called "convenience" pertains to the ability to easily return books when dropping/switching classes, as well as overall convenience. While 100% of Kalamazoo College students agree with the fact that is less expensive than the on campus bookstore, 65% of these students still purchase at least one textbook per quarter from the Kalamazoo College bookstore. This information proves that price is not the most important factor in the minds and pockets of Kalamazoo College students when it comes to purchasing textbooks.

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