Saturday, March 9, 2013

What is Your Major Costing You??

A recent study conducted by two very intelligent Kalamazoo College students measures the cost of six different majors offered at the institution to find which majors are the most and least costly for Kalamazoo students. The results reported were taken from a sample of 50 students surveyed. This study measures cost of major by total hours in class, total hours spent studying, and total amount of money spent per quarter for these classes. The results varied for the most expensive major, but the cheapest remained constant. Psychology majors reported studying the most hours per week, Science majors reported spending the most amount of time in class per week, and Art majors reported spending the most money on books and supplies per quarter. This study could not conclude which one major was most expensive all around but was able to pinpoint the least costly major in all three categories, being Business/Economics. Some other very interesting findings from this study were that men and seniors study approximately 1-2 hours a week, less than all other students. So if you are trying to take the easiest, still hard route at Kalamazoo College, perhaps you should become a Business or Economics major.

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