Monday, March 11, 2013

Opinions on The Kalamazoo College Fields Project

Have you wondered what Kalamazoo College students think about the new fields used by some of our fall and spring sports teams? A survey conducted by 2 Kalamazoo College students shows how different groups feel about the fields project. The different groups compared included: athletes vs. non-athletes, field sport athletes vs. non-field sport athletes, men vs. women, and underclassmen vs. upperclassmen. There were both expected and unexpected results from this survey.
Firstly, as you might expect, after compiling the results of 62 surveys, it was found that athletes feel more positively about the project than non-athletes. Also, field sport athletes viewed the project much more positively than non-field sport athletes. This particular result is interesting, yet not completely unexpected as these are the athletes who are directly receiving the benefit of the new fields complex.
 It was also found that there was no statistical significance between being a male or female and being in support of the fields project. The same was found for underclassmen and upperclassmen, meaning that these groups viewed the project relatively similarly.
Overall, the results of this survey were fairly expected, as athletes supported the construction of new athletic facilities at a higher rate than non-athletes.

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