Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Project Review and Advice

Dear Future Business Stats Students,

Based on my experience with the project, I have two pieces of advice to give:
1. Take the intermediate steps seriously
     -While the project ended up as a success in the end, my group ran into several issues along the      way because we neglected to take the initial survey design, sample selection and data processing seriously. As a result, the last few days before the final paper was due we ran into a few issues that made the work less than enjoyable. Getting a good start early can make the project much more satisfying and a little less strenuous.
2. Start writing the final paper/processing the final data early
    -Unfortunately, my partner and I underestimated how much time actually compiling all the data and running the various statistical tests actually takes. While tests such as a T-test take less than a second on Excel, the actual process of determining what to enter can take far longer. If my group would have began to write and process earlier, our paper would have been much cleaner, absent of mistakes and incorrect interpretation.

A few suggestions for future students:
1. Study what professors, alumni and parents of students think of the fields project. Unfortunately we were unable to survey the above groups and our data was limited to current K students. I think some cool and important results could be found if this topic was undertaken.

2. Study the overall opinion of athletics and its funding at K. An interesting study would be to determine how students feel about athletics and what they feel appropriate funding granted towards sports at K would be. While the administration may not use the results, it would be interesting to determine the general attitude at K towards athletics.

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