Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Advice for Future Students

The best advice would be to start surveying early... as soon as the final draft is complete. Survey a bit at a time; don't try to tackle the whole sample at once. Also, input your data into excel as you go, don't wait for a 3 hour chunk of time to do it all at once, especially if you want a sample of 100+ people.

Find a partner with equal excel skills as you. Your time spent on the project will be used much more efficiently that way. If you both don't know how to use excel, you can learn together. Otherwise, if one person is better than the other, the highly skilled person will spend more time teaching the other person how to use excel than it would take to do it alone.

If you know how to use excel well, and can't find a partner with equal excel skills, don't be afraid to tackle this project independently. As long as you start surveying early, and in chunks, you will be fine! :)

Future studies:
-Other alternatives for food on campus besides Delux Esto (formerly known as stacks) and Biggby.
-Top stores around kzoo
-Which stores should be closer to campus, farther away
-Typical transportation methods and frequency
-Spending vs working of work study students vs non scholarship students
-Is the bar experience better than staying in with friends

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