Monday, March 11, 2013

K Student Textbook Spending

A study on students from Kalamazoo College and their textbook purchasing was recently conducted. The study focused on the methods students used in purchasing textbooks for one quarter, and their satisfaction with these methods. The students studied were randomly selected from every grade.

Results of the survey included 91.18% of students purchasing books, and of that percent 83.87% of the sample purchased from the K College Bookstore, and 70.97% using an online retailer. Although more students purchased books from the college bookstore, the average price spent on textbooks at the K College Bookstore was $131.67 as opposed to $98.95 using an online retailer. The difference between these averages is $32.72. Another interesting question asked was the students level of satisfaction with the market they chose to buy from on a scale of 1-10, 10 being the best. The K College Bookstore's average satisfaction was 6.17, while the online retailer's average was greater at 7.92.

In conclusion, many students appear to be using online retailers, and they're saving a good amount of money doing so. Additionally, the student's satisfaction in using online retailers is on the higher end of the scale as opposed to the K College Bookstore falling just above a middle, mediocre satisfaction level. Students can learn from this study that they can save some money through purchasing books online, and most college students definitely need whatever money they can get.

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