Friday, March 15, 2013

Advice for future students

I would suggest using your time wisely on this project. The deadlines are very helpful in staying on top of everything, but from the point of sending out your surveys to turning in your paper it is your job to manage your time. Start the data entry early, it takes way longer than you would expect. Also, do not use Survey Monkey unless you are sure you're okay with the restrictions. It only allows you to ask 10 questions and only see responses from 100 people, it is very frustrating to get 173 responses and only be able to see 100 of them.  Also, if you have any problems with the project, ask the professor, they're always willing to help and give good advice.

An interesting topic to look into would be music habits at K. What type of music people are listening too, how many hours, what are they listening on, did they buy or download the music, etc.

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