Saturday, March 9, 2013

Study on Cost of Majors

Recently a study conducted by two Kalamazoo College students tested the costs of six different college majors. Those majors being Art, English, Psych, Sciences (Chemistry, Biology, Physics), Math and Business. 50 Kalamazoo College students were randomly selected to see which college major is the most time consuming and requires the most money.  The total cost of majors was measured by three different standards; time spent studying, time spent in class, and money spent on books, supplies, and fees.  The graphs below illustrate some of the interesting findings from the study.

Graph #1

Graph #2

Graph #3

The graphs show that Psych majors spend the most time studying, followed by Science majors then Math majors, while Business majors spend the least amount of time studying. Because Science majors are required to attend labs that are approximately four hours long they spend the most amount of time in class per week.  Art, Science and Math majors spend the most amount of money per quarter for their classes, while Business majors spend less than every other major per quarter.

This could be useful information for someone that is financially unstable but wants to earn a college degree because they can choose which major will require the least amount of money, keeping them out of debt and which major requires the least amount of time, allowing them to have a job and work more hours.

Other interesting findings according to the information gathered during this study is that people who earned more money spent less, which is unusual because normally people that earn more spend more. Also on average women spend $60.00 more than men per quarter on supplies and books.

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