Thursday, March 14, 2013

Advice & Topics


For future students I would first suggest to start doing everything early, it leaves much more time for editing or finding solutions to unforeseen problems that may come up. This can apply to all parts of the project, but especially the paper, because it will end up taking much longer than you might think.
I would also suggest to do thorough work on the early assignments for the project, especially the one focusing on finding other sources, as that will help speed up the process of writing the paper when you get to that point. Lastly, I would definitely recommend working with a partner, because this is a long project with a lot of work, and it would help to be able to divide up the work.

1. Why people chose the major that they did, and how many hours of work per week each major does.
2. Compare the majors of athletes and non-athletes
3. Compare the social lives of athletes vs. non-athletes, between dorms, between classes, etc.

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