Sunday, March 10, 2013

Debt on a National Level

In the survey conducted by Kalamazoo students, it was found that after 60 surveys had been answered some questions about the national debt was clear. According to the study, it can be seen that the average college student does not know the fundamentals about the United States economy and how the debt affects us all.  Most students did not even know that the national debt is 16.7 trillion dollars; the survey had an average national debt of $6.93 trillion. Also it was found that Kalamazoo college students on average only read any type of news 2.54 days out of the entire week. Then it shows that college students at Kalamazoo College are going to be ignorant when making decisions about the United States economy, not only today but for the future as well. Which means the decisions they are making will be poor ones and not be useful or helpful to our economy. Another thing to look at is how many economics courses had students in the survey taken. The average amount of economics classes taken was 0.78. Meaning there is a lack of understanding because a lot of knowledge is not being transferred into the younger generations through news or the class rooms. 

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