Sunday, March 10, 2013

College Satisfaction from the 2012 Graduating Class of Colchester

In a recent study, a student from Kalamazoo College surveyed the graduating class of 2012 from Colchester High School to look at relations between various factors such as overall school experience, involvement in clubs and sports, drinking, GPA, and many others. From the study it can be assumed that graduates from Colchester High School are happy with their social life and their overall school experience in college. These students seem to be receiving B’s and a few high C’s and pay more for college on average than students from other schools. Students also seem to participate more in inter-collegiate athletics if they attend a small school. This could be because smaller schools aren’t as competitive, or athletes prefer smaller schools.  From various statistical techniques we can gather that for every student added to the average class size, tuition goes up 97.66704 dollars. A very apparent limitation of this survey was the inability to survey multiple people. Due to time constraints only 50 people could have been surveyed, however with a larger scale study and more time many more of the graduating class could have been surveyed. Some of the questions were unclear to some of the subjects, and while some subjects guessed things such as the population of undergraduates that attended their school, others looked it up. Further studies could attempt to focus more on sports in comparison to school size since that was one section of analysis that stood out.

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