Thursday, March 14, 2013

Advice and Possible Topics

My Advice
I would advise you future students to take the assignments about the project very seriously because they come in handy when writing out the final project. (Especially the assignment where you have to find outside resources) If you already have these resources and numbers, then your hypothesis tests will be easier to finish for the project. Another piece of advice is that if you are going for a large sample size, ask people in person to fill out your survey because people are more likely to do it when they are facing a real person. Going for a large sample size however is not the most important thing!! When it comes down to it, you are better off focusing your time on making sure your calculations, your regressions, and your analysis are done perfectly. You only get 5 extra points for a large sample size; it would suck to lose points on other parts of the project for those 5 points. Also, choose a partner you can actually work with and don’t be afraid to hold them accountable for their part. Last thing, start at least 4 days before it’s due and go into Chuck’s office/call him as much as you need to. Nothing’s worse than thinking you’re doing everything right and then asking the day before and finding out you need to do something over. Start early and give yourself lots of time to bug Chuck. I know the project seems like a huge stressor, and it is, but it is actually kind of cool once you finish and see what your research found.

Possible Topics
You could study student spending, student sleep habits, student caffeine intake, student eating habits, or all those for professors; you could compare any of these things to Western students. You could study which major costs the most in terms of money on classes and study time and then ask alumni their majors and salaries, and see if the costs are worth it. 

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