Friday, March 15, 2013

Advice (even though you might just have to learn the hard way)

Okay.  Everyone is going to tell you the same advice.  You already know what that is.  But there is nothing we can say to make you do it.  It's one of those lessons that you may have to learn on your own and then slap yourself in the head during the all-nighter that you pull before the project is due.

I remember being in your position, reading the comments on the blog re: advice, thinking that I am not going to be that student, that I will be okay with time.  Wrong.  This project needs time.  I did not give it the time it deserved, and therefore I did not receive the grade I wanted (to my defense, I was overloading that quarter, so I probably did not have the time required for the project... yet that is still an unacceptable excuse).

So, Student.  Get started on the project-- now.  Plan out small goals as to what you want to conquer that week.  Even though I am bad at my own advice, I am getting better and these methods do help.

Also, focus on the statistical analysis.  I put all of my brain power and energy into the discussion and introduction, because that was what I was interested in (my project was on the labor movement and college students' opinions on labor unions and workers' rights today).  However, this is a stats class.  And Chuck really cares about the stats over any labor history.

Another topic for a research project could be the satisfaction of K students and their majors.
I know I am very displeased with the K College Spanish department.  I would love to have the opportunity to undergo another study and ask K students what they think is important about a Spanish Major and what topics do they think Spanish majors should cover in class (because I do not think it should revolve around literature or a particular writer, which it does).

Regardless of the topic, Chuck is really correct when he says study something that you're interested in.  Because I am all about the labor movement (I worked as a union organizer for the U.A.W.) and even I did not spend enough time on my project.  And I always am fond of studying something that is useful and needed.  To brainstorm, just think about the things you want to fix at K and then develop some questions that you can ask people about.  Bam.

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