Sunday, March 10, 2013

Caffeine Consumption by Kalamazoo College Students

A recent study was conducted at Kalamazoo College regarding caffeine consumption by K College students. This study found that most students drink similar amounts of caffeine, regardless of age, family income, GPA, or hours of sleep per night. The only significant difference in consumption was between majors. Hard science majors (physics, chemistry, biology and mathematics), consume a significantly greater amount of caffeine than humanity majors (foreign language, philosophy, anthropology and sociology). Although this study does not explain the causation of this result, it is not surprising to someone whom has been around the Kalamazoo College Library when there is an organic chemistry exam in the near future; those students do nothing but study for several hours on end.

Above is a bar graph depicting the three subdivisions of majors at Kalamazoo College, as well as a bar for freshman with undecided majors, and those students that did not wish to share their major. The black lines above the blue bars represent the dispersion of number of beverages from the mean number of beverages consumed by each major. It is visually apparent that hard science majors drink more caffeine than humanities majors.

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