Sunday, March 10, 2013

K College, Cars and Cost

In a study of 109 Kalamazoo College students, factors that lead to the purchase of a car and beyond aided in reflecting the sentiments of the student body. In addition, the results collected by the survey were compared to the rest of the nation. On average, Kalamazoo College Students planned to spend less than $15,000 on the purchase of their next automobile. This figure, compared to the national new car price average of over $30,000 leads one to believe that college students in general are less likely to spring for a new car. With college tuition prices soaring, this statistic will serve as an interesting comparison to students in the future.

  According to the study, women spend nearly half the amount that men do when purchasing a new car. This observation was further reinforced by the importance of affordability to both sexes. Women clearly value affordability more than men, implying that they would have different wants and needs when picking out a car.

The sample population strongly favored freshman and sophomores at Kalamazoo College, but the lesser-surveyed classes were congruent with the findings as a whole. The survey in its entirety appears to give a relatively unbiased look at how students buy and feel about automobiles. 

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