Thursday, March 7, 2013

New Study Sheds Light on Caffeine Consumption at K

A recent study conducted by two anonymous K College Business Statistics students has answered some interesting questions regarding caffeine consumption among students at Kalamazoo College. 110 K students were randomly selected to fill out a survey regarding their caffeine consumption. The survey had questions involving how much caffeine they consumed, how much they spent of caffeine, what type of caffeine they preferred, what their favorites brands were, and why they consumed caffeine. The results of this study, while not groundbreaking, still provide some noteworthy findings.

Ever wonder if what major you are affects how much caffeine you drink? According to the results of this study, it does make a difference. The chart below shows the average number of caffeinated beverages consumed by students in each major. Because trying to look at every major Kalamazoo College has to offer would have been extremely tedious, majors were organized into three groups: Hard Sciences, Social Sciences, and Humanities. Hard Sciences included Biology, Physics, Chemistry, and Math majors. Social Sciences included Business, Economic, and Psychology majors. Humanities included foreign languages, philosophy, and ANSO majors.

The chart shows that Hard Science majors are clearly the biggest caffeine junkies on campus. Perhaps this can be explained by the fact that science majors generally have the biggest workload out of all the majors. 

The other interesting finding this study made was that K students, on average, prefer Red Bull over every other energy drink. This is good news for the Biggby in the library, who has been selling Red Bull for years to caffeine starved K students. 

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