Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Vehicle Interests of K College Students

A recent study conducted by two Kalamazoo College Business Statistics students has revealed what kinds of different vehicles K College students would purchase as well as the many factors these students would take into consideration when purchasing a vehicle.

109 Kalamazoo Students ranging from freshmen to seniors were randomly selected to fill out surveys regarding which vehicles they are most interested in, which factors they take into consideration the most when purchasing vehicles, and financial information about both themselves and their families. The findings were then compiled and separated into two different groups for analyzation. These two groups were genders and grade levels. From the collected data, the two students conducting the survey came across many interesting findings.

Of the 109 surveyed students on campus, some of the analyzed data suggests that SUV's appeal more to males than females, vehicle affordability has twice the importance to females as it does to males, males care more about luxury features than females, females place a slightly higher importance on MPG ratings than males, males are willing to spend more than double what females are on their next vehicles, and there is an upward trend in the importance of vehicle performance from freshmen to seniors. This data can be very important to car salesmen who are looking for the specific vehicle desires of college students. This data can also be important to parents who are buying their college kids' vehicles and aren't sure what the norm vehicle desires for college kids are.

The following graphs represent some of the analyzed data of this survey.

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