Sunday, March 10, 2013

#1 College Bar In Kalamazoo

     Kalamazoo College students wait no longer! If you and your friends are looking for the number one spot to go out to in town, this article is just for you. A recent survey was conducted at Kalamazoo College to determine what the best college bar in Kalamazoo is. From the data collected, the K-College student body has spoken and declared Waldo's Campus Tavern the best bar in Kalamazoo! The survey drew responses that highlighted over eight local bars. Each participant was asked to rank factors that they felt were most important to them such as live music, dance area, food menu, drink variety, location, seating, and activities.
Furthermore, the survey also questioned individuals how many times they attended their favorite bar as well as other bars in the past month. Although this study did not include any responses or participants from Western Michigan University, some may be skeptical on whether the data accurately reflects the opinions of college students in Kalamazoo. However, with the rich tradition of Waldo's and their famous "Pitcher Thursday's" it would not seem surprising that students in Kalamazoo find this little campus bar to be the best in town.

     Still not sold yet? Students were also asked in the survey whether or not price had any influence on their decision to go out to a specific bar as well as their annual income to help draw further comparisons. As one may assume, price had a significant impact on all participants surveyed. In addition an example of these comparisons would be; if a person has a higher annual income would they be more likely to go out to a bar than someone that has a lower annual income. Again the data accumulated assisted a standard assumption and showed this comparison held true. So, whenever you and your friends are wanting to grab some after class refreshments, why not try out the best bar in Kalamazoo at Waldo's Campus Tavern.

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