Thursday, March 14, 2013

Some thoughts on surveys

My advice to any one attempting to do this project would be to anticipate the results of the survey before distributing it. Are people actually going to know how to respond to these questions or would they even be comfortable with them? Is the topic beyond the scope of an average K College student? Also many underclassmen are not as informed as the majority of the upperclassmen, and selecting the entire campus as the target audience may not yield the best results; many surveys could come up incomplete or be missing key information.

As far as possible topics go try thinking of your favorite extracurricular interest and possibly work it into a topic that would be applicable to a business orientated survey.
Some suggestions are:
-How well can the average student at K handle the costs of having a car on campus?
-How much does the ten year (or five year) plan for the college matter to the students currently enrolled?

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