Thursday, March 14, 2013

Advice and Topics


     For future students taking this course, use your time to your advantage. From the first week you will start getting information on what the requirements on the project are and what the deadlines for the project will be. As most things at K go, your class workload definitely tend to pile up towards the end of the quarter. By utilizing your time early on, it is going to free you up and allow you to go over your project in detail. Also, you will not have as much stress as some of your other classmates that will be pulling all-nighters before the day the project is due. My partner and I took this approach after hearing this advice over and over from other students that took the class, and it was definitely worth it! And lastly, I strongly recommend that you find a partner. Some of my friends did the research project by themselves and were overwhelmed way more than they should have been. So, food for thought.


1. Comparing study time between Athletes and Non-Athletes
2. Parking on campus (always an interesting topic)
3. Why people decided to come to K
4. Thoughts on if students support the new Athletic Field renovations 

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