Friday, March 15, 2013

Project Advice

Some advice that I would spread to the future students is to spread your project over the course of the quarter. Figure out a topic early and brainstorm questions and ideas towards what you think could bring connections and data. The online survey is a good idea although there are many limitations to the programs available without payment. Staying on top of deadlines is key to the project, it will help you greatly at the end when the final pieces are due.

Topics that I would say are good for future research are anything related to the school that students or faculty see as current issues to gain insight on. Also, finding out different opinions among varying demographics or groups is good for comparisons. Since the K population will probably be where you get your sample, find themes for your project which impact immediate school decisions or recent policies that were implemented.  Stepping outside the box and talking to local restaurants or businesses, you could maybe do a project for them on satisfaction. This would bring a different sample and also provide beneficial information for the restaurant/business. 

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