Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Word of Advice

Word of Advice

This project will be as fun as you make it. I encourage you to pick a topic that you are interested in. Find something that is relevant on campus or happening in the news, it makes things more enjoyable when you can relate your findings to what is happening outside of campus. Once you have picked a topic of interest, do some research to figure out the different aspects you want to research. The more developed a plan you have for the project, the easier it is to create the survey. Make sure your survey addresses all the aspects you want to investigate; this is key when you go to do the analysis at the end.

I know everyone keeps saying it, but make sure you continue to work on the project throughout the entire quarter. This project is very time consuming. One of the hardest parts is getting people to respond to the survey. We used an online site and had a drawing for a Biggby gift card, but still had trouble getting over 40 responses. Maybe offer an iTunes gift card for better responses??

If you are trying to decide on a topic I would suggest first deciding if you are going to work alone or with a partner. From there you will have a better idea of where your research will be headed. Any topic can be interesting, from student debt to eating habits. It could be interesting to look at the number of students or faculty who recycle, considering K prides itself on being environmentally friendly. You could try to relate it to how K does in Recycle Mania.

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