Thursday, March 8, 2012

Advice for Business Stats Students

The Business Statistics project was very helpful in that it allowed me to fully grasp the main topics discussed throughout the course by implementing them into a real-life situation. It is a large project, however, and I can offer some advice with hindsight:

· Since this an extensive project I would definitely recommend working with a partner. It is always valuable to have a second opinion and to have two people available to check and edit the work being produced.

· Although it is not required, I advise you to obtain a larger sample. This is important when you calculate your results, for there will be a smaller standard error and the results will be more significant.

· As for topics, make sure you choose one that interests you. It is a good idea to examine events that are currently occurring, whether those happen to be on or off campus. At the moment, a study could be completed on the 4.75% tuition increase that was just announced for the next academic year. What do students think about this? What about faculty and staff? This study would yield very important results.

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