Friday, March 9, 2012

Advice for future students

Go to blog and read what advice other student had for the project. It will help a lot. This project takes a lot of time than one can think. While preparing survey make sure you have a lot of questions which will give you numeric data rather than categorical data. Do a test survey with 2 or 3 people with your sample and write it down on a excel spreadsheet. It will help to know if you need any more data or you need to ask other questions in your survey.

When you write your final research paper, go to Chuck and ask regularly about the hypothesis testing part. You never know where is your mistake on hypothesis testing.

Most of the students do research on topic related to campus employment. Choose a topic that is not very common in the class. A potential topic could be about the new quad that is going to be built in the DOW parking lot.

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