Friday, March 9, 2012

Advice For Future Business Statics

After taking this class and completing the project, I realized that there are some things that I did well and some that I would have done better. Therefore, I’ll list a few of these together for future Business statistics students to consider and hopefully, my suggestions will be helpful to them as they do their projects.

1) To begin with, remember that you will be working on the project for the whole quarter. So choose a topic that interests you. There is nothing frustrating like struggling to do something that you are not even interested in for the whole quarter.

2) Do a thorough research on your topic of interest and read a lot of other studies that have already been done that are related to your research question. This will help you in designing your questionnaire, as you will get new ideas of the kind of questions to ask.

3) Start working on your project from the word GO! (When the professor give you the go ahead sign). It may seem like a whole quarter is a long time but don’t be deceived. Don’t take the early process for granted, the design of your questionnaire is really important and determines the kind of data you will get back which means that it will basically determine your whole project. So make sure you spend a lot of time making sure your questionnaire is good and clear.

4) Get a lot of numeric data. This is really important because most of the statistical analysis you will be doing requires numeric data. This means that you should design your questionnaire in a way that will allow you to get as much numeric data as possible. Again, make sure you phrase your question clearly so as not to confuse the people answering it. Also it will be good for you because you will get the data you need.

5) The professor is always there to help. Don’t panic when thins are not going the right way or if you are confused about something. Ask the professor to see of you are on the right track, he is interested in seeing you come up with great results from your project.

Overall, Don’t stress. Keep working on the project anytime you can so that you are not under pressure on the day you are supposed to submit it. The project may be 20% of your final grade but just take your time to enjoy it and learn from it. By the time you are done with it, you will realize that you now clearly understand most of the concepts you learnt in class by applying them in the project. Potential topics you could look at would be 1.) The social like of a K-College student; looking at how often they go out or how much time they spend doing non-academic stuff. And 2) Students satisfaction with the food in the Cafeteria; you could compare the number of students who are not on the meal plan to those who are as well as vegetarians and vegans.

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