Thursday, March 8, 2012

Project Advice

First, I would recommend doing this project with a partner. Having two people makes it a lot easier to collect data, compile data, and analyze data. You save a lot of time writing your paper or entering your data into your computer just by having 2 people do it. Also, collect as much numeric data as possible. Having a lot of numbers makes it easier to do all of the different tests you must do for the paper. And start writing your paper early, don't wait until the day before it's due. There is a lot of writing involved so it's just better to spend a few days writing it.

When trying to decide on a topic, pick something that is meaningful and/or relevant to people. If you are going to do your project about something related to the school, pick something that people at the school care about. If you pick a topic that is not interesting or important then you will not enjoy doing the project

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