Thursday, March 8, 2012


Here are a few things to consider/ tips for embarking on this project:

1. Do it with a partner - this project will take up a lot of your time, so being able to share the work with someone helps. Make sure your partner is someone who you like and someone you enjoying being with, because you are going to spend a lot time outside of class working on this project.

2. Choose a topic both of you are interested in. You spend so much time putting together a survey and analyzing your results that it all seems easier when you are researching something you actually want to research.

3. Start everything earlier than you think you need to start. It gives you more time to get your desired amount of responses. It allows you ample time to do calculations and meet with Chuck about issues that may come up before your project goes too far for you to turn back.

4. Go to Chuck when you need clarification, he gives great advice and really bring clarity and focus to what you are doing.

A possible project could be to research students satisfaction with Kalamazoo's dining services and our meal plan options.

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