Friday, March 9, 2012

For Future Business Statistics students

Here are some advice for you guys
1. Have a partner for your project. It is the best that you could have your friend to be your partner. I think two partners who can understand and help each other will help your project go more smoothly and easier. A partner will help your project a lot.
2. Start the project as soon as possible. Do not rush and save everything for the last minutes. This project has a lot of details and takes long time to finish so do not postpone to do it. If you could have a plan ahead, you will be fine.
3. When choosing the topic for the class, choose something that you really like. You will have to follow that idea for at least 1 month so pick the topic that you are strongly interested in.
About a new topic, a study could be about the schedule system in K-College. Are students satisfied with the schedule?With quarter system, 10 weeks for academic is too much pressure and the length of time is not enough for students to improve grades and to enjoy class. Besides, the school is ended in June, internship is started in May. Getting out of school late will really affect students. Should there be any changes for the school schedule?

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