Friday, March 9, 2012


Many things would go differently if I could do this over. First off I would get a more specific hypothesis, with a broader target range with many variables, in order to give me both more quantitative and qualitative data to make the project more substantial. I would also start the project right away. As in the very first day the project is given to us. With so many things being thrown at you in this class, this is difficult, but if at all possible this situation would be ideal. A great thing to do would be to give the actual survey some deep thought. “How ambitious did I want to be? How in depth that I want to be?” It is more than fine to exit the K bubble and see what you can do with the outside community. One thing I think would be a good idea to try, would be to compare the popularity and recognition people have about Kalamazoo College, and then be analyze the results and compare/contrast all the factors that might play a role all the degree of recognition and popularity, both abroad, out of state, and in state, finally further down to immediate county. By checking the all these different dimensions, maybe we can figure out what is going on, for there to be a difference in recognition throughout the world.

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