Monday, March 5, 2012

What’s next after K-ollege?

A recent study titled “What’s next after K” shows that college level education is important and worth the investment. The study carried out by two Business Statistics students at Kalamazoo College set out to find out the benefits of completing four years at Kalamazoo College considering the College’s reputation of having a high cost of attendance. This was done by comparing students’ financial aid packages and scholarships to their projected student loan debts by their graduation. The study, which was conducted on 37 Kalamazoo College students’ comprised of only juniors and seniors who are already planning for their life after college and in the best position to access the costs and benefits of attending K-College.

The study found out that the average amount of debt that K-College students will have by the time of their graduation is 50% less than the average amount of debt carried by graduates in the state of Michigan. Compared to the average debt of students for the whole of the state of Michigan is which is $25,675, the average student debt of Kalamazoo college students was found to be $9,621. Among the 37 students, the majority of 79% said that they would not have any debts by the time they graduate. In respect to their plans for life after College, about 60% said that they planned to go graduate school upon graduation while another 27% said they would be start working immediately after College. Only 3% of the students said that student debt would affect their plans to go to graduate/professional sschool. In the survey, participants of the study were asked how satisfied they were with their K-College experience and 84% said that they were satisfied with the overall k-college experience.

Despite the many rising concerns in the rising student loan debts in many American colleges, Kalamazoo College seems to be fairing well because of the impressive financial help they afford their students. The study showed that 68% of the participants had scholarships with an average of $24,084 worth per academic year. The study also showed that the college prepares its students so well in the four years so that they can have good job prospects. 69% of the participants had already taken part in internships and

The findings of this study clearly show that the students at Kalamazoo College think that the cost of attendance at K-College does not at all outweigh the benefits, which the students gain from the four-year education there.

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