Monday, March 5, 2012

Kalamazoo college shows why they are number one

In recent weeks a survey was passed out by two Kalamazoo college students, attempting to answer a popular question that is asked around campus " why do students go to Kalamazoo college". The survey was done in a very interesting way, the two students mission wasn't to see see if financial aid was the reason they came here or was it the athletics, their mission was to see if the fact that Kalamazoo College's academic reputation was the motive, and which it was. The survey was quite interesting it asked numerous question, about K's academic reputation and it also asked what influenced you to come to K.
From the study the two students were able to conduct a very popular survey they were able to put out 115 surveys and they received 98 of the surveys back, which is a 89% response rate. After looking at the data, the two students were able to test their hypothesis of students coming to K for the academic reputation, from the data their hypothesis was correct that the majority of students attend Kalamazoo College because they believe it will prepare them for Graduate school and that also by attending K it will lead to people getting a job once they leave K. on a scale of 1-4 the average for students attending K because they believe they will get into a good Graduate school was a 4. On the same scale the average for students who believe that k alumni get good jobs when they leave was a 4.17 which was the highest averages fro all of the data collected.
After conducting the survey the students can say with confidence that getting into a good Graduate school and getting a good job once your an alumni of k are two of the main reason why people choose to attend Kalamazoo College

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