Friday, March 9, 2012


Start working on your survey at the beginning of the quarter! Distributing the survey takes a lot of time, and it would be wise to leave yourself plenty of time so people have time to answer it and so you can find enough people to respond. Pick a topic that you like, otherwise you will get bored of it really quickly! When you choose a partner, make sure you work with someone you are compatible with. It is not necessarily the best idea to work with one of your best friends.
My partner and I looked at the spending and saving habits of Kalamazoo College students, which was interesting, but we could not find very many connections between variables. It might be interesting to use that topic but look at more demographics, like race, athletes vs non-athletes, etc to see if different groups of students use their money differently. Also, it might be interesting to look at the eating habits of students. For example: do certain groups of students eat in the cafeteria more? Do certain students eat at restaurants more/how much do they spend?

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